Lenovo ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C Dock 40A9 / Model DK1633

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What do you get?

1 x Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C Dock (40A9/dk1633)

1 x Compatible Lenovo AC Adapter

1 x Clover Leaf Cable (UK Three Pin Power Lead)


This docking station is in used but very excellent condition. It may feature very light scuff marks and scratches. This docking station is fully functional.


ThinkPad T470 (20HD,20HE) ThinkPad T470 (20JM,20JN) ThinkPad T470s (20HF,20HG) ThinkPad T470s (20JS,20JT)
ThinkPad T580 (20L9,20LA) ThinkPad T480 (20L5,20L6) ThinkPad T480s (20L7,20L8) ThinkPad T490 (20N2,20N3)
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ThinkPad X280 (20KE,20KF) ThinkPad X380 Yoga (ROW) (20LH) ThinkPad X380 Yoga (ROW) (20LJ) ThinkPad X390(ROW) (20Q0,20Q1)
ThinkPad X390 Yoga (ROW )(20NN) ThinkPad X390 Yoga (ROW) (20NQ) ThinkPad X395(20NL) ThinkPad X395 (20NM)
ThinkPad A475 (20KL,20KM) ThinkPad A275 (20KC,20KD) Lenovo Tablet 10 (20L3) Lenovo Tablet 10 (20L4)
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ThinkPad L380 Yoga (20M7,20M8) ThinkPad L390 (20NR,20NS) ThinkPad L390 Yoga (20NT,20NU) ThinkPad L480 (20LS,20LT)
ThinkPad L490 (20Q5,20Q6) ThinkPad L580 (20LW,20LX) ThinkPad L590 (20Q7,20Q8) ThinkPad P43s (20RH,20RJ)
ThinkPad P51s (20HB,20HC) ThinkPad P51s (20K0,20JY) ThinkPad P52s (20LB,20LC) ThinkPad P53s (20N6,20N7)
ThinkPad Yoga 11e 5th Gen (20LM,20LN) ThinkPad 11e 5th Gen (20LQ,20LR)

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