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Why you should consider refurbished laptops

When it comes to buying a laptop, most of us want to get our hands on a brand new product. We’re often told we should pay the extra cost for a new laptop just to be safe – but very often, this isn’t the smart move. In fact, you’ll usually be able to get the exact model you want in incredible condition and under warranty at a fraction of the cost of new by buying refurbished.

Refurbished laptops are always significantly less expensive than their box-fresh counterparts, and all while making no compromises on quality. IT Resale offers a range of electrical equipment – including laptops – at an average of 60-70% cheaper than RRP. Read on to learn how we do this, and why you should consider going refurbished the next time you’re in the market for a laptop.

Can refurbished laptops be trusted?

This is probably the biggest concern of most people who are reluctant to buy a refurbished laptop. To many, the knockdown prices of some refurbished laptops may seem too good to be true. So why exactly can retailers sell them so cheaply?

The answer is simple – laptops, like most household electronics, depreciate in value very quickly. It’s common knowledge that a car loses much of its value as soon as it leaves the dealership, and the same is true of laptops. The frequency with which new models are released and the desire of many people and businesses to regularly upgrade means laptop turnover is very high. Even relatively modern models with no damage or performance issues can see their market value decline significantly.

This explains the difference in price, but might not be enough to reassure everyone. This is understandable for what is still an expensive purchase. But refurbished laptops can be trusted fully, due to the high standards of testing, maintenance and security applied before sale. To explain this in more detail, we can compare between refurbished laptops and laptops being sold as used.

Refurbished laptops vs. used laptops

A major reason why refurbished laptops continue to grow in popularity is because they combine huge cost savings with a guarantee of quality. This gives them a fundamental edge over what are known as “used” laptops. But what exactly is the difference between refurbished and used?

A used laptop is simply any second-hand machine that is being sold on. Used laptops are often sold by individuals looking to make a bit of money back on some old tech. While considerable savings can be made by buying a used laptop over a brand new one, you’ll be relying on the seller to give an honest description of the product’s condition. This information can’t be verified and if any issues with the laptop crop up a few weeks after purchase there won’t be much you can do.

Refurbished laptops are also second-hand systems – but buyers can have more confidence in what they’re receiving. They are sold by specialist retailers that must guarantee their trustworthiness. For instance, IT Resale has a team of dedicated in-house engineers who comprehensively test and repair all the laptops that we source. Suppliers of refurbished laptops are required to sell them in “nearly-new” condition, while all data on hard drives needs to be securely wiped using equipment and software accredited by official bodies like the National Cyber Security Centre.

While both used and refurbished laptops are considerably cheaper than buying new, only refurbished devices offer the same high level of physical quality, reliability and security.

Refurbished laptop grading

Any laptop that has undergone refurbishment will be sold in perfect working order, but there is a grading system in place to inform buyers of physical condition. Retailers like IT Resale will give each laptop a simple A, B or C grade based on any wear and tear, or missing or changed components:

  • Grade A. These laptops will often be indistinguishable from new – generally because they have been returned to the manufacturer soon after initial purchase. There will be no internal or external damage, while the laptop is likely to be sold in its original packaging and with its original accessories.
  • Grade B. Buyers will be able to tell grade B laptops have seen some use, but this will be purely aesthetic (i.e. small scratches or chips). They are sold with all the necessary accessories, although some of them may not be original.
  • Grade C. While any damage to grade C laptops still won’t affect their performance, it will be more visible than grades A and B. There may also be some missing accessories – although they are sold with at least a compatible charger.

Every laptop for sale on IT Resale is clearly labelled with its grade, alongside a more detailed description of any wear and tear or damage. This allows our customers to make more informed choices when balancing price against aesthetic condition.

Benefits of refurbished laptops

The considerable cost savings of refurbished laptops are obviously the most attractive thing about buying one for most of us. But there are some other major benefits of choosing a refurbished laptop – especially when compared with low-cost new laptops.

It might seem counterintuitive, but refurbished laptops can often deliver better quality than new ones at the same price point. A budget of around £200 – £300 is sufficient to buy a quality refurbished laptop manufactured by a major brand like HP, Toshiba or Dell. A brand new laptop in that price bracket is unlikely to be such high quality, and may lack the features or reliability of high-quality alternatives.

This is also true when it comes to buying spare parts or accessories. If you want to upgrade your laptop’s specifications soon after purchasing, the components needed will be far more readily available for the likes of Dell than for less well-known manufacturers.

Refurbished laptops are also a brilliant way to embrace sustainability – as this is now a major concern for many of us. By choosing a second-hand option that still performs to a high standard, you’ll be rejecting the “throwaway” attitude to technology and reducing your carbon footprint. This is especially beneficial for businesses with environmental commitments and targets, to continue to keep their hardware up to date while being sustainable.

Buy a refurbished laptop from IT Resale

At IT Resale, we know quality refurbished electrical equipment inside out – and laptops are no different. We source used laptops from the top brands, hand them over to our team of expert engineers to comprehensively refurbish them, and pass the savings onto our customers.

Explore our high quality refurbished laptops at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

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