Lenovo Thinkpad E560 15.6″ i5-6200u 8GB DDR3 No HDD Faulty Keyboard

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What you receive

1 x Lenovo ThinkPad E560

1 x Compatible Adaptor

1 x Power Cable (U.K. Kettle Lead)

Please be aware, the Laptop does not come with it’s original box and accessories.


This Laptop has been tested and data erased using specialist software; certified by the National Cyber Security Centre, which tests the Laptop’s core components such as the motherboard, RAM, CPU, screen, keyboard, touch-pad, battery and checks the drives for faulty segments.

Condition C – This Laptop has been graded as Grade C. The Laptop body may contain many light scratches, including more than 3 deep scratches across the casing. The casing may feature dents, chips and/or cracks. The screen may feature light scratches. There may be missing, faded and/or damaged keys on the keyboard and the track-point may be missing Keyboard is faulty and needs to be replaced. The bottom casing may be missing all rubber feet and up to 5 screws. Battery is on 91%. (Please view the pictures in the gallery). Speakers are faulty. For additional queries please contact us before you purchase.

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