Dell Wyse Zx0Q 7020 AMD GX-415A @ 1.50GHz 8GB 64GB Flash Memory No OS

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What you receive

1 x Dell Wyse Zx0Q (7020)

No power supply – The buyer will have to purchase the PSU elsewhere but item has been tested

Please Note: This PC will not arrive with it’s original box nor accessories.


This PC has been tested and data erased using specialist software; certified by the National Cyber Security Centre, which tests the PC’s core components such as the Motherboard, RAM, CPU, PSU and GPU and checks the drives for faulty segments. The casing may feature light scuff marks and scratches. There may be missing rubber feet and missing PCI-e Slot panels. For additional queries please contact us before you purchase. This PC has passed the Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

Please note: The PC shown in the image gallery is purely for illustrational purposes and may not represent the PC you will receive.

This item is a Variation. 1 x 64GB SSD and 1 x No Storage.

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