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What are the condition grades for refurbished iMacs?

15th February 2022Uncategorised

When buying refurbished IT equipment, you need to know that they are sold in Grade conditions. Apple iMacs, like most items, are Graded in Grade A, B and C. The grade you choose is an indicator of the cosmetic damage/potential hardware issues with the Apple iMac.

Read on to learn more about the condition grades for refurbished Apple iMacs.

Refurbished Grade A Apple iMacs

All iMacs are tested by our certified technicians where they look for cosmetic damages and ensure all hardware components are fully functional. To be classified as a Grade A, the Apple iMacs must pass the Display Burning Test and be free from scratches, discolouration, and dead pixels. Grade A iMacs may have some cosmetic damages such as scratches and scuff marks on the outside casing. Hardware components have been fully tested and ensured that they are fully functional. The webcam has been tested and there is no defect on image quality. The operating system installed will be displayed in the title and pictures. The stand may feature deep scratches and/or scuff marks.

Refurbished Grade B Apple iMacs

Grade B Apple iMacs will have to pass the Display Burning Test but may have light scratches on the screen as well as more cosmetic damages than the Grade A. E.g., small cracks, marks, chips on the casing/bezel (This doesn’t affect screen quality) please note this can worsen over time. Hardware components have been fully tested and ensure that they are fully functional unless specified in the Technical Specification on the listing. The stand may feature deep scratches and scuff marks.

Refurbished Grade C Apple iMacs

Grade C Apple iMacs will fail the display burning test with dead pixels, discolouration, lines across the screen and may feature a crack that affects the screen (which may worsen over time). Some hardware components may need to be replaced for this Apple iMac to be fully functional, this will be specified in the listing. As to cosmetic damage, the Apple iMac may feature dents, large scuff marks and noticeable chips around the casing. The stand may feature deep scratches and scuff marks.

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